Danish Design Award FAQ

What is Danish Design Award?
Celebrating the best design solutions and highlighting the many ways in which design can make a difference for our society, Danish Design Award is the major annual Danish design event.

Who are behind Danish Design Award?
Design denmark and the Danish Design Centre jointly present Danish Design Award. The partnership behind the Danish Design Award brings together the design industry and the entire country around an annual design event celebrating the difference design can make.

Who can register to Danish Design Award?
Anyone can enter. This means that all private and public organisations and all designers with a connection to Denmark can submit entries for the Danish Design Award. This includes Danish companies that have worked with a designer from outside Denmark as well as designers in Denmark who have worked with a company abroad.

What can apply for Danish Design Award
Through the recent years, the design area has changed because design increasingly has become a natural part of the corporate business strategy. All design solutions can be registered – from classic product solutions to services solutions and overall solutions, from products for the consumer market to products aimed at business-to-business market and at public purchasers, from corporate branding and identity and derived solutions for interactive and digital solutions that combine classic design values with innovative design qualities.

Who can recommend to Danish Design Award?
Are you thrilled about a product or a design solution that you believe is qualified for one of the categories, you can encourage the company/designer to register the design solution.

You can also recommend a solution or a candidate for one of the Special Awards.

Send a tip to a great design solution here: Send a suggestion

Why Danish Design Award?
The Danish Design Award winners and finalists gain valuable profiling and co-branding opportunities.

The award-winners will be able to use the Danish Design Award logo with the phrase ‘Danish Design Award Winner 2021’ in all aspects of their marketing of the winning design solutions. They will also be featured at danishdesignaward.com with a separate profile including photos and the jury citation for each award-winning solution.

The finalists will be able to use the logo and the phrase ‘Danish Design Award Finalist 2021’ in their marketing from the moment the nominations are announced publicly, and they will be featured at danishdesignaward.com throughout the period.

What do you get out of being finalist or winner of the Danish Design Award?
Although the Danish Design Award is a Danish design event, it is international in outlook and calibre, and the finalists and award-winning companies stand to reap considerable branding benefits, both in domestic and international markets, as well as a positive impact on employee motivation and export potentials.

What does it cost?
Registration is free of charge.

How to register or recommend?
You register your entry by submitting the digital registration form here.

What are the categories of the Danish Design Award?
See the categories here.

What are the requirement for the applicants?
See the rules for the Danish Design Award here.

How does the jury process work?
See criteria, process and rules for the Danish Design Award here.

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