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Acarix CADScor System
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Andrew Nagel

The Acarix CADScor System enables an entirely new and non-invasive procedure for the diagnostic exclusion of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). The system can save lives and reduces costs for diagnosing CAD.

The jury says
An idea with a potential that is so promising that investors are lining up, even if the Danish med-tech company firm has yet to show profit. That is Acarix CADScor System. The system is a measuring device that uses new technology and the Danish leadership in the audio field to detect coronary sclerosis by listening to the sound of the blood rushing through the artery. The design element lies in making the audio system user-friendly to make it easy for healthcare staff to screen patients in order to prevent blood clots. The ground-breaking product is on its way to market launch and is expected to lead to quicker diagnosis and a better outlook for the patients.

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