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The Swan
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Production Year
Gladsaxe Kommune
Design company
Anders Lendager, Christian Dahl, Nikolaj Callisen Friis, Jørn Kiesslinger, Hessam Dadkhah, Jonatan Forsman, Susan Honoré Nielsen, Calum Mitchel, Maya Færch, Tim Riis Tolman, Bolette Riis Falk & Niklas Nolsøe

The Swan is the first circular kindergarten in the world. It was built on the site of a former school using repurposed materials from the previous buildings. This goal-oriented and lean process materialized in saving 6.278 metric tons of materials and 177.668 kilos of CO2. But more importantly, the new tender process for sustainable demolition has become industry standard and will save enormous resources in the future.

The jury says
This is a unique upcycling project pointing towards a better future. The project’s circular approach is outstanding. It proves that it is possible to save resources without compromising design, user experience, or quality by reusing existing materials instead of producing new ones. By doing so, The Swan contributes to solving one of our most pressing problems: harnessing the planet’s limited resources.

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