Design solution
Heylo™ – A digital leakage notification system
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Production Year
Coloplast design team

Heylo™ is a leakage notification system that detects and notifies people with a stoma about leakage via the Heylo™ app. It helps the users feel more in control, bringing peace of mind and reducing the fear of leakage. It is designed to be used together with the ostomy appliance.

The jury says
With this innovative sensory technology and digital solution, this product addresses both physical and psychological issues that many people suffering from stoma leakage may experience. It’s impressive how many sizes the product comes in, demonstrating the team behind the solution has a great, subtle, and nuanced understanding of users’ needs. As evident as can be, this product is thoughtfully designed to place the physical and mental needs of the patient at the front and center. Truly a solution that enables a healthy body and mind.

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