Too Good to Go (TGTG) was established in 2016 by a group of dedicated food waste warriors. Today, the company has more than 600 employees and is present in 15 countries. The business model is based on an app where restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets can sell surplus food in “magic bags” rather than throwing it away.

TGTG is based on a strong design concept, which the company has been extremely loyal to from day one, and which a tremendous amount of customers and users around the world find meaningful and easy to use. So far, nearly 37 million meals have been saved by the more than 22 million users who have downloaded the app. That’s more than 92 thousand tons of CO2 saved, which is equivalent to driving a regular passenger car for 118,130 days!

TGTG is an example of a company where design and design thinking has contributed to paving the way for a more sustainable future and at the same time resulted in extraordinary growth and created a new super industry in Denmark. During the corona crisis, Too Good To Go once again demonstrated exceptional innovation capability and community spirit by making the platform available to challenged restaurateurs selling take-away.