OKO e-bike

OKO E-bike

The OKO is made of strong carbon fibre, which makes it possible to integrate fenders and battery in a new intelligent bike design bringing a new manufacturing process to the electric bike industry.

The jury says
Denmark is known throughout the world for its cycling cabinet ministers, women bicyclists on Copenhagen streets with the wind in their hair and tie-wearing fathers picking up their kids on a cargo bike. Biomega’s Oko E-bike is exciting because it rethinks the electric bicycle and turns it into a city bike. It looks heavy, but in fact, the carbon-fibre frame weighs only 18.6 kg, which makes it one of the lightest electric bicycles in the world. Aesthetically, the bicycle has a consistent and beautiful minimalist design with its integrated front fender, gear shift and carbon fibre cover. A stylish two-wheeler worthy of promoting the Danish bicycle culture.