H.O.W. – Hands On Woven

H.O.W. – Hands On Woven has developed a tactile toolbox that allows to include the blind weavers in the design, development and production as co-designers. With this tactile toolbox, aesthetic and technical decisions can be made by blind workers, based on the sense of touch and clear systems and, for partially sighted workers, appropriately tuned colour schemes. Every textile produced with this system is unique, as the weaver decides on different combinations of techniques and is able to create an individual expression.

The jury says
H.O.W. – Hands On Woven really engages with the user and makes us FEEL GOOD. The whole idea of creating design in a way that crosses between the senses is amazing. The design invites us into someone else’s perspective – it invites us to ‘see with our fingers’ and look at the world through someone else’s perspective and another sense. It is a great tool, which can translate the experience of the blind weaver for us. The H.O.W – Hands On Woven project also lets blind weavers create products that are viable in a commercial market. It is a powerful and inclusive project.