The Danish Design Award is back

Press release, Copenhagen, June 6, 2024

After a year’s hiatus, Denmark’s most influential design award, the Danish Design Award, returns. The prize relaunches without categories and with a full focus on the best Danish design solutions — solutions that make our lives, society, and world better every day Award is Back

This November, we’ll celebrate the most innovative, inspiring, intuitive, and beautiful Danish design solutions. That happens when the Danish Design Award returns with a new format. The format will be unconventional and category-free and feature a unique live experience that breaks the traditional norms of a classic award show.

The event takes place on Tuesday, November 19, in the heart of Copenhagen, and submissions will open on Thursday, June 6, at 12:00 p.m.

“We’re thrilled to celebrate and highlight a selection of the fantastic Danish design solutions that see the light of day every year. Design shapes our daily lives, businesses, and society much more than many Danes are aware of – and that’s what we’re focusing on with the Danish Design Award,” says Martin Delfer, CEO of the non-profit foundation, DDC – Danish Design Center.

The Danish Design Award is a partnership between DDC and the trade association Design denmark. The award has celebrated outstanding Danish design achievements since its launch in its current shape in 2016.

“There’s a common thread in Danish design that doesn’t concern whether it’s a chair, lamp, or something else entirely. Today, we see how Danish design can just as well be a company’s business model or designing our society. But what unites it all is a deep respect for materials and each other, which transcends design categories and solutions. That’s why Danish design is internationally recognized for its ability to create positive change for both people and the planet – and that’s exactly the type of design solutions we want to celebrate with the Danish Design Award,” says Henrik Lübker, CEO of Design denmark.

Category-less award to focus on solutions
As something new, the previous categories no longer exist. Instead, seven prizes will be awarded: five main prizes called The Awards, one Best of the Best, and one Young Ideas award.

The prizes will be awarded and qualified by this year’s jury. The jury consists of several members from the international design community, selected by DDC and Design denmark.

“What unites this year’s winners is that they must show how to create positive change in the world through design. The jury will evaluate submissions based on our five design values: Do no harm, Pursue beauty, Lead the way, Prove your impact, and Solve problems worth solving,” says Martin Delfer.

“The five values point to Danish design as both an ethical and craftsmanship-based endeavor – and at the same time, we want to celebrate the design that makes a concrete difference. We’ve assembled a very competent jury with deep expertise in the various design disciplines – and that’s why we can put values before categories in the center,” elaborates Henrik Lübker.

Read more about the five design values, criteria for submitting a design solution, and this year’s jury at

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