Kemikalier bør ikke være på mode (Chemicals should not be in vogue)

A Public Service Announcement dressed as a t-shirt collection. The unique prints on the 190 second-hand t-shirts double as frames of a stop-motion film, revealing an animated story and message. The t-shirts have been collected from second-hand shops, each one being screen printed with a unique illustration using eco-friendly ink.

The jury says
The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (Miljøstyrelsen) wanted to raise awareness of chemicals in fashion among the 16-22 year-olds. Remember that it takes 3 kg of chemicals to produce 1 kg of cotton t-shirts. They came up with the clever idea of launching a unique t-shirt collection, teaming up with two notable illustrators for the design of the t-shirt and successful influences to spread the message. An accompanying film demonstrates the process of hand-crafting the t-shirts. Brilliant idea to use an art project to reach the young generation with an important message in a way that is easy to understand.