Ferrum BlueKolding Bench

Benches at the city bus terminal with a built-in radiator that heats the benches to 25-30 degrees Celsius by using waste water energy. As waste water is passed through a simple heat exchanger before being discharged, energy is extracted and used to heat up district heating water. In a follow-up project, 83 student flats are heated with energy from their own waste water. An estimated number of over 1000 households in Kolding can eventually be supplied with year-round heating from waste water energy.

The jury says
The Bench is a great example of what engineering combined with design thinking can do. It makes you think, ‘Wow – why didn’t anybody do this before?’ As a vision, it is not just about the hot water in the bench, it is really about learning that when something is being made, the energy used for that can also be of amazing use again. It is the complete creative circle when nothing is wasted.