Anders Lendager

Anders Lendager is CEO and Founder of Lendager Group. Lendager Group has established itself as one of the strongest and most influen­tial companies in Denmark around upcycling and circular economy. The ambition of Lendager Group is to become the global market leader within circular economy and resource efficiency in the following three areas: archite­cture and urban development, strategy and analysis, and innovative product development through upcycling.

Anders Lendager graduated as an architect from the Aarhus School of Archi­tecture. He is recognized as a sustainability pioneer, who is known for pushing the boundaries to make the Danish construction industry more sustainable and circular. His pioneering spirit is represented on the board of the Danish Association of Architectural Firms, as a member of the SDG Accelerator’s Advisory Board by the United Nations, as visiting professor at Aarhus School of Architecture – as well as different committees leading climate action and environmental development.

Anders Lendager was the curator of Lendager Group’s well received architecture exhibition Wasteland – From waste to architecture at the Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen. The exhibition sheds light on upcycling and circular economy by exemplifying how yesterday’s waste can become tomorrow’s valuable resource in sustainable architecture. Anders Lendager has mastered the art of rethinking the foundation for how we go about construction projects and for how to generate new methods for upcycling of materials – thus creating a healthy, green and circular world for us all through the built environment.