Danish Design Award Rules

What can receive the Danish Design Award?

Danish Design Award is awarded to a wide spectrum of design solutions – from products, digital design, service design and systems.

What can be submitted?

  • At the time of entry, products must be fully developed and in production. Similarly, services or other solutions must be in use.
  • Projects, concepts and prototypes can not be submitted, except for solutions submitted to the Visionary Concepts category.
  • Design solutions must at the time of entry, not have been on the market or in use for more than four years, except for solutions submitted to the Special Awards categories Young Talent, Icon Award and Employment Growth.
  • Design solutions that have not previously been selected as a winner of the Danish Design Award. If a design solution previously has been selected as a finalist, it cannot be submitted to the same award category again.

Who can take part?

Anyone can enter. This means that all private and public organisations and all designers with a connection to Denmark can submit entries for the Danish Design Award. This includes Danish companies that have worked with a designer from outside Denmark as well as designers in Denmark who have worked with a company abroad.


All information will be treated as confidential by the jury.

If an entry poses a conflict of interest for a jury member, the member is excluded from all deliberations in the given category.

How will the design solutions be judged?

The jury assesses the submitted design products and solutions on four value and impact criteria:

  1. Impact – Does it generate environmental, social, or economic value?
  2. Contextual fit – Does it reflect an understanding of the users’ needs and life situation?
  3. Innovation height – Is it new, value creating and likely to serve as an inspiration for others?
  4. Design quality – Does the execution show craftsmanship and aesthetic qualities?

The jury process falls into two stages

  1. Online voting. The jury determines which of the entries are to be shortlisted for further assessment (jury meeting).
  2. Jury meeting. Award finalists are selected by the jury. At this stage, the shortlists will be asked to provide a physical sample of the product or a board presenting the solution for the jury or information about where it may be viewed/experienced. The finalists will be announced on 8th of November.

By signing up I accept:

  • Everyone involved in creating the product or solution must have given their consent to take part.
  • All information is solemnly declared by you to be truthful and accurate. If some of the information is later found to be untruthful, the registration is rendered invalid. By submitting a proposal you also confirm that there is no on-going dispute about originality, plagiarism etc. concerning the submitted products or solutions.
  • The jury’s comments about the award-winning products and solutions pertain solely to their design-related qualities and carry no relevance for any litigation concerning originality, plagiarism or agreements between the manufacturer and third parties.
  • Products and solutions are sent/transported at your own cost and risk. The jury assumes no liability for any loss or damage that might occur in connection with the assessment and storage of the submitted products and solutions.
  • The submitter ensures that Danish Design Award has the right – without payment – to use texts and electronic material (photos, video) uploaded to the online registration form or subsequently submitted to the Danish Design Award, for communication purposes; including, but not limited to, press material, catalogs, websites and third-party marketing. For example, in printed or electronic media.