Design solution
X Ray Fashion
Production Year
Connect4Climate, World Bank Group
Design company
Maria Herholdt Engermann, Signe Ungermand, Nicolaj Stausbøl & Hannah Gutkauf

X-Ray Fashion is a virtual reality (VR) documentary installation that lets audiences explore the darker side of garment production within the fast-fashion industry, through a bodily experience.

The Jury says
This installation rethinks how we show what happens behind the runway. It does more than tell the story; it lets people experience it in a very physical and tangible way. This provides a deeper understanding of the value chain, and where every piece of garment comes from. Another benefit is that the installation can travel the world. And we know that it fulfills its purpose: More than 300.000 people have visited the installations – and  80% of visitors say it has changed the way they think about fashion.

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