Design solution
Vittra Södermalm
Production Year
Design company
Rosan Bosch Studio

At Vittra, the students are taught in groups adjusted to their achievement level instead of the conventional classroom approach. With this interior design, applied learning principles are translated into a physical learning environment consisting of custom-made furnishings in differentiated learning zones. In the Vittra schools , laptops are the children’s most important tool. The interior design also accommodates Vittra’s active effort to incorporate digital media.

The jury says
Vitra Södermalm is an independent school that works with new learning formats and notably base their learning on the use of digital technologies, e.g. laptop computers. Accordingly, the crafting of the physical space admirably underpins new and better ways of learning, while the design also loyally and creatively supports the school’s learning theory and decision to combine differentiated learning zones and modes with digital technology throughout the students’ learning. The didactic is visionary, seen in terms of better learning – and the design matches this vision brilliantly in the way it follows through on the didactic approach.

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