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Vigga & Peter Svensson

VIGGA is the first brand ever to combine organic children’s fashion with the circular economy. A week before the baby’s birth, the first VIGGA bag with clothes arrives. When the clothes become too small they are sent back to VIGGA, and a new collection in the next size up arrives.

The jury says
VIGGA is a well-rounded business concept that factors sustainability at every stage of the value chain. Design, product development, execution, use, reuse and after-use have all been considered. VIGGA sets an example for many other companies, regardless of industry. The company demonstrates how design can offer both an aesthetic experience and a key to addressing some of the most urgent environmental challenges.

Also, VIGGA is a classic example of the sharing economy. The business idea is based on a need that most people recognize, as babies quickly outgrow their clothes. VIGGA illustrates how we can take an ecological outlook to the next level when we share instead of buying new stuff.

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