Design solution
Winner of
Nominated In
Production Year
Gribskov Municipality,
Frederiksberg Municipality
Design company
2+1 Idébureau & ONV Arkitekter
Søren Rasmussen,
Johan Galster,
Joakim Kerrn Malmgren,
Marie Mikkelsen

VenligBolig is a housing concept that makes it possible for house owners and cities to invite refugees into our society and community.

The jury says
VenligBolig (FriendlyHome) is a social design as well as a welfare vision that brings together refugee integration, user involvement and sharing economy features in an attempt to address an urgent social issue. The idea is specific and feasible, and in architectural terms, VenligBolig is rooted in a Danish tradition for high-quality social housing. The innovative character of the concept, however, lies in the carefully thought-out concept that makes it simple for municipalities and local citizens to work together to find appropriate homes for refugees while also preventing further ghettoisation. In addition to the partnership between the municipality and the home-owner, the project also fosters a partnership, based on informal co-creation, between the Danish family and the newcomers, as they interact across language and cultural differences.

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