Design solution
Unified national icons for recycling in Denmark
Production Year
Dansk Affaldsforening,
Kommunernes Landsforening,
Design company
Head of Design, FUTU
Ann Harpøth Thor
Head of Strategy, FUTU
Lotte Nystrup Lund
Designer, FUTU
Tanja Ina Kjøng

A set of 70 icons provides a unified national visual idiom for recycling that allows for local customisation. The icons make it easier to sort waste and contribute to a sustainable future.

The jury says
Recycling requires proper waste sorting. The circular economy thus depends on citizens and businesses being motivated to sort their waste by the kitchen sink, in the outdoor skips or bins and at the local recycling station. Fortunately, surveys show that people are willing to make the effort, but the task has to be easy. The new icons form a complete visual idiom for waste sorting that can be rolled out all over Denmark, enhancing the motivation to show responsibility.

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