Design solution
The SMART EVO system
YXLON International
Design company
HarritSorensen ApS
Thomas Harrit,
Nicolai Sørensen

The SMART EVO system is a portable X-ray system used for inspection of, for example, weld inspections in remote parts of the world, in dusty and wet conditions and in extreme temperatures. It is designed to improve the workflow for inspection companies worldwide, with a focus on ergonomics, easy handling, precision and ease of use.

The Jury says
The SMART EVO system demonstrates how design can add significant value and make a difference for people working ordinary as well as less ordinary industrial jobs. It is a beautiful example of the use of design to incorporate ergonomics, user-friendliness and aesthetic in heavy and complicated technical equipment. The totality of the solution leads to a system that does the job better than other, similar products and thus saves on time and resources.

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