Design solution
The Democracy Game
Production Year
Kammeradvokaten/Advokatfirmaet Poul Schmith
Design company
Workz A/S
Workz A/S: Anders Frost Berthelsen, Anders Skovgaard-Winther, Klaus Meier Olsen, Tina Petry Henriksen, Max Møller, Lars Vilhelmsen, Ditte Marie Kaae, Julie Blicher Trojaborg. Rainbow Riders: Petar Yovkov, Anders Thingholm.

The Democracy Game is a digital educational platform that provides information and facilitates debate about democracy and how civil rights are protected under the Danish Constitution.

The Jury says
This design solution has a clear and important purpose – to enable democracy to be understood and valued. It is also an engaging and flexible learning platform. Though the subject matter itself – the laws that support the Danish constitution – may be complex and difficult to understand, the game makes the subject engaging, enjoyable and the foundation for meaningful discussions. The game itself has been developed using a design-thinking approach across many stakeholders and collaborators – illustrating how design can be applied to virtually any subject – even the communication of democracy itself.

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