Design solution
The Christmas Supporter
Winner of
Nominated In
Production Year
Danish Red Cross
Design company
Hjaltelin Stahl
Art Director, Hjaltelin Stahl
Alexander Binger
Partner, Hjaltelin Stahl
Jonas Sylvest
Project Manager
Sara Boilerehauge Asmussen
Assistant Project Manager
Stine Feddersen

Danish Red Cross has created a unique Christmas tree stand in the shape and colour of their own logo. All the proceeds from the sale of the Christmas tree stand go to families in need.

The jury says
A clear and simple visual idea that works. That is the Christmas Supporter in a nutshell. The campaign communicates a unique message by brilliantly utilising the shape of the Christmas tree stand and the associations it sparks. Making the Red Cross logo a visible part of the ritual moment of bringing home the Christmas tree conveys the charity message with warmth and humour.

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