Design solution
The Child-friendly latrine project
Winner of
Nominated In
Production Year
ICONO A/S development project
Design and concept
Peter Bysted,
Philip Egebak,
Peter Kjær Mackie Jensen
Casper Rasmussen
Clinical research
Charlotte Tamason

The Child-friendly latrine is a latrine solution for use in disaster areas, refugee camps, slum areas and developing countries. The latrine is developed to reduce the prevalence of faecal-orally transferred diseases, which according to the World health Organization, WHO, leads to more than 1.5 million deaths a year, most of them children. The latrine has low weight and volume in shipping, can be set up quickly without requiring the use of tools and is easy to clean and maintain. The squatting board and seal that are part of the solution could be used as part of permanent solutions in villages and other areas to improve hygiene.

The jury says:
The Child-friendly latrine project is innovative and effective design that addresses a large, global problem which is, to some extent, taboo. With a simple and robust solution, The Child-friendly latrine can help reduce deadly infections and make life less dangerous for children and families in disaster areas. The solution adopts a child’s perspective and can quickly be brought into emergency areas and put to use. The latrine is easy to clean and safe and comfortable for children to use, offering a bright, private space without flies and with less smell. The Child-friendly latrine is a latrine that is actually going to be used.

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