Design solution
Production Year
Mads Boserup Lauritsen, TagTomat
Rikke Pape Thomsen
Illustration and layout
Thomas Frederiksen & Stefan Mylleager, Rama Studio

By combining and collecting state of the art knowledge and hands-on experiences from the green “bottom up” social entrepreneurs in Denmark, TagTomat shows how we can create green commons in our cities.

The jury says

To engage the general public in urban development and sustainability, we need to make people want to contribute. That is the purpose of TagTomat’s beautifully executed presentation of the many grassroots ideas among social entrepreneurs involved in urban gardening in Denmark. The catalogue is a perfect combination of the good intention of a green city and a design where the many budding ideas and experiences are presented in an accessible and inspiring way. This is democratic knowledge sharing, but most importantly, it takes an appealing, tactile and engaging approach to communicate that sustainability does not have to be boring.

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