Design solution
SYNCSENSE™ connecting people to the world outside
Production Year
Simon Bruntse Andersen & Steen Petersen

SYNCSENSE is a Virtual Reality solution that aims at making physical activity more joyful for elderly and disabled people. The solution transforms tedious conventional exercise equipment into meaningful and stimulating experiences created by immersive Virtual Reality. The solution aims to help the elderly and people with disabilities become more self-sufficient and positively impact health, happiness, and quality of life. 

The jury says
This solution is a prime example of how Virtual Reality technology can actually be designed to help inactive elderly and people with disabilities to explore and get physical stimulation. It’s pretty remarkable to see people with mobility-impaired conditions embark upon journeys while experiencing the sensation of physical activity. Not least because the virtual solution has proven to improve the well-being of users while reducing the physical workload of providers. That’s a proper life-enhancing solution.

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