Design solution
Support Sustainable Fishermen
Production Year
Design company
Stupid Studio

Support Sustainable Fishermen is a pan-European campaign made for Greenpeace to help restrict corporate fishing and resolve a challenging and imminent problem: the dying fish populations. The project concept is built on a communication platform and a short film distributed widely across Europe.

The jury says
Support Sustainable Fishermen stands out by delivering its message via an activation of graphics we are used to seeing in infographics etc. The graphic approach engages the viewer and differentiates the film from the numerous others we have seen on this topic. The film is an original way of conveying and documenting a challenging societal problem which matters to us all. The campaign helped Greenpeace translate the fishing crisis into something we can relate to and act upon. The message was definitely received, as the campaign helped prompt new legislation and played a role in the EU adopting a more sustainable fisheries policy.

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