Design solution
Production Year
oneA A/S
Design company
oneA A/S
Jan Bjarnhoff,
Steen Bjerg Lauridsen,
Maiken Kasdorf

Aims to design clean and minimalistic looking products in extremely high quality, accommodate all needs for products in modern architecture, and have one installation ring for all light and technical devises

The jury says
The market for smart home technology and so-called home extensions is growing, and STORM SYSTEM® has the potential to become a new Scandinavian design success. This carefully designed system takes a design approach to a familiar installation that is essentially a hole in the ceiling. On this basis, the system presents a series of solutions to bring lighting, music, alarms etc. into our home without making it look like resembles the IT department in a medium-sized enterprise. STORM SYSTEM® stands out by building on flexibility, as the many different installations can be fitted into the same ring. A clever concept elegantly executed.

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