Design solution
Production Year
Spiromagic ApS
Design company
Sandholt ID
Product and graphic design, construction
Jesper Sandholt
Martin Hansen, move Innovation
Business development
Jørgen Ole Kjær, Spiromagic Aps

SPIROMAGIC is a combination of a device and an app to measure the state of your lungs. It enables chronic lung patients, athletes, physicians and others to do a daily check-up of their lung function and thus prevent illness, unnecessary attacks and visits to doctors. When you breathe into the device, the app measures the data and saves them in a back-up database, enabling you to check your data when you get home or if you switch between phones or devices. The device can be used one-handed as well as two-handed, for example if the user has shaky hands.

The jury says
The Spiromagic is a great example of design thinking and of a solution that is created with the users. A designer, an engineer and a business developer mapped the needs, and the users helped solve a major health problem: in Denmark, 750,000 out of 5.5 million people have reduced lung function.

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