Design solution
Production Year
SMK Statens Museum for Kunst
Design company
1508 / Strømlin
Christoffer Kildahl, Tore Rosbo ,Per C. Jackson, Anton Stonor, Thomas Clement Mogensen & Pernille Charlotte Mardell

Online art distribution of eventually the full art collection of SMK – The National Gallery. SMK Open brings art into the homes and classrooms, making the collection available to everyone everywhere.

The Jury says
This is an incredible resource, especially for people that are not close to Copenhagen or for school children that can’t make the trip. In that way, it democratizes art. It recognizes the fact that often the majority of the museum’s collection can’t be displayed physically. The graphic design is of very high quality with a good use of color palettes. You can cluster art works in different ways and it gives the viewer the option to look at art in different ways.

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