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ISS World Services & Orchard MBC
Orchard MBC & Nodes

Share@ISS is an easy-to-use mobile application that motivates ISS employees to identify and share ideas, improvements and potential revenue opportunities. Employees simply submit a picture of an opportunity and it is shared in an open feed where a manager can take action. Share@ISS has proven how a work process can be gamified and made easy and fun while making collaboration across distances easy and efficient.

The jury says
Share@ISS is a successful example of the use of technology to strengthen and improve one’s business while increasing employee motivation. Here, the employees share their creativity, senses and resources and may discover new and untapped potentials. The whole solution comes in a simple package that is intuitive for the many users to access. It is interesting because it unfolds on a big scale, and it stands out as an efficient basis for the employees to be dedicated in their work effort.

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