Design solution
Winner of
Nominated In
Production Year
Rigshospitalets Hjertecenter,
Design company
Rehfeld Medical,
Københavns Universitet (Datalogisk Institut)
Tariq Andersen,
Jonas Moll,
Carita Markdal Petersen,
Karen Dam Nielsen,
Casper Lund-Andersen,
Karin Hoffmann,
Ditte Pedersen,
Sølve Jakobsen,
Jesper Hastrup Svendsen, 175 pacemaker patients and many more

The purpose of this patient engagement platform is to improve communication between pacemaker patients and clinicians, changing healthcare from being reactive to being proactive.

The jury says
SCAUT demonstrates how data-driven innovation can be used to develop a new approach to prevention and treatment, not just for patients but, potentially, for everybody. Using an IOT solution to improve the users’ quality of life is an interesting and visionary digital design solution that promises to alter our view of health and enable a more equal partnership between citizens and the public healthcare system.

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