Design solution
Scandinavian Indoor
Winner of
Nominated In
Production Year
Design company
Mads Schenstrøm Stefansen,
Anders Berggreen

Introducing a new series of walkers, tailored to whatever you do and wherever you do it. The Scandinavian Indoor range is: Scandinavian Butler, Scandinavian Mist and Scandinavian Gardener.

The jury says
As the average lifespan keeps increasing, so does the need for assistive aids that can be integrated into the everyday life of healthy seniors with mobility impairments. A the same time, many people associate the dependency on a walking frame or a wheelchair with a loss of dignity and identity, just as the intimate private sphere of the home may come under pressure when welfare technology enters the home. The walking frame series Scandinavian Indoor addresses this challenge. The products exemplify functional design that puts the user centre stage, and with its harmonious expression it blends into the home environment without giving it an ‘institutional’ feel.

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