Design solution
Production Year
Vemcall ApS
Hvidovre Hospital
Design company
Triagonal ApS
Christian Karlsmose & Peter Donner, Triagonal
Kim Marott & Michael Wrem, Wemcall

SafeBuzz is based on a new way to use the pager known from restaurants. The pager is handed out to the patient on arrival, and specially developed software establishes the link between patient, doctor and treatment room. The doctor pages the patient, and the pager responds with a buzz. As a unique feature, the pager is ‘intelligent’ with a display that indicates the patient’s treatment room.

The jury says:
SafeBuzz demonstrates convincingly that at technology moved from one sector to another can uncover brand-new potentials. Most people are already familiar with the principle of a beeping pager from airports and restaurants. That is an advantage. SafeBuzz illustrates with impressive results that a simple and intuitive solution can ease the process and improve the service experience, independent of age and other social characteristics. It is a general solution, which in all its simplicity has the potential for being scaled – both in the world of healthcare and perhaps in other sectors.

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