Design solution
Production Year
Agitek A/S,
Protac A/S
Region Hovedstaden,
Region Syddanmark
Dorthe Kjerkegaard,
Maja Grøn,
Jean-Paul Bergmann,
Richard Aagaard,
Henriette Søgaard,
Liv Flindt Mathiesen

RESILIENCE is a new bed-type designed to furnish future psychiatric patient rooms. The bed is designed to prevent patients from self-harm, to optimize the sleep experience for psychiatric patients and to ensure good work and safety environment for the staff. RESILIENCE is cordless, battery-powered and easy to clean. It is designed in collaboration with users and private companies and is equipped with a multi-functional comfort cushion, the SenseCircle by Protac A/S.

The jury says
RESILIENCE is a significantly different bed compared to the market . It is an excellent example of the use of user involvement and design thinking to meet essential needs in psychiatric patients with dignity – a group that often lacks a voice. The product has an elegant but functional design – it is carefully thought out, innovative and efficient, not just for the patient but also for the staff. the unique design is non-hospital-like and homely. RESILIENCE could set the future standard for hospital beds for this user group.

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