Design solution
Production Year
Reshopper ApS
Design company
Reshopper ApS
Jonas Funk Johannesen,
Nicolai Danmark Johannesen,
Anders Dahl Pape,
Anders Munk

Reshopper is a simple app that helps o recycle items such as clothes, prams or toys through their platform, which joins local like minded buyers and sellers in a digital/physical community

The jury says
A growing share of consumers, not least young families, is embracing values such as sustainability and economising on resources. That has led to new consumer patterns and a need for service designs that make it simple and safe for private citizens to buy and sell recycled items. With supreme understanding of its target group, Reshopper has developed a simple, efficient platform based on consumer trust. The more than 250,000 dedicated reshoppers are proof that the concept is perceived as a relevant and competitive service.

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