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Thomas Pii Winkel

To value children drawings easily every day. Hold the drawing against the acrylic rail – and press – the drawing/sheet of paper is framed in 2 seconds and press next 50 drawings on top of the previous.

The jury says
Despite its discreet appearance, the simple wooden frame holds an intriguing appeal. The frame, which is beautifully crafted at PH’s cabinetmaking shop on the island of Falster, has a special mechanism that expands its function from frame to storage. RAM’N was designed to hold children’s drawings and makes it super easy to frame the child’s latest artwork by simply pressing the drawing against the acrylic rail. Since children are prolific artists, it is brilliant that the next drawing can go in the same way, with no need to pull out the toolbox. Over time, RAM’N will come to store a whole collection of drawings – or whatever else one may want to store or display.

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