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Liftup A/S
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Raizer® is a mobile lifting chair which safe helps a lying person to either a standing or sitting position in few minutes. The Raizer® can with ease be assembled and operated by only one assistant.

The jury says
Planning care for adults with physical impairments while also safeguarding the health and safety of the care providers is a difficult balancing act. The Danish-developed battery chair Raizer® is a good story about a welfare technology breakthrough developed by a private company. In cooperation with the users. The chair has several innovative features: it is light and flexible, it can be dismantled, and it only takes one person to operate. That is important, especially for users who still live in their own home and do not want to install more assistive devices than absolutely necessary, to avoid an institutional feel. As a further benefit, Raizer® facilitates a more equal meeting between the user and the assistant by allowing for eye contact throughout.

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