Design solution
Powered By You 2.0
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Production Year
BlueKolding Energi A/S
Design company
BlueKolding Energi A/S
Birkir Gudmundsson,
Per Holm

The purpose of this design solution is to utilize the thermal energy of wastewater for heating. It is a simple, cheap, and completely CO2-neutral solution for heating eg. buildings.

The jury says
The first waste water revolution came about with underground sewers, which led to dramatic public health improvements. Today, we are witnessing another waste water revolution, and Powered By You 2.0 is leading the way with a system that reuses waste water to heat residential homes. The ambitious design solution has been implemented at a student housing complex in Kolding, which now gets 100 per cent of its heating from energy derived from the residents’ waste water. An impressive example of sustainable innovation, unfolded in a collaboration between a monopoly public utility firm and private designers and architects.

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