Design solution
PM2100 Blue Wolf
Production Year
Pieter Mouritsen A/S
Design company
Developa, HIPAQ A/S
Andrew Nagel (Developa),
Jesper Lindberg (HIPAQ A/S)

PM2100 Blue Wolf is a unique industrial air compressor. It delivers innovative cost-saving benefits for powering tools and machinery in hazardous environments on offshore oil and gas platforms.

The jury says
An oil rig has to be sandblasted and repainted constantly to prevent rust, and that requires compressors. In this field, the Pieter Mouritsen company is the current market leader, and their latest compressor, Blue Wolf, is a case of innovation within their product niche. As a special feature of this user-friendly, reliable compressor, the design team has managed to double the duration of service intervals with inspiration from the marine industry.

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