Design solution
Path Feel
Winner of
Nominated In
Production Year
Walk With Path Limited
Design company
Walk With Path Limited
Lise Pape,
Florian Puech

Path Feel is an insole which helps the wearer feel the floor better, through providing active feedback. Path Feel is designed for individuals with balance issues, such as the elderly.

The jury says
The special laser insole for people with Parkinson’s disease are a great example of a quality design project with the potential to improve quality of life for the ten million people worldwide suffering from Parkinson’s. With the use of new, intelligent technology and an impressive display of persistence in the development of efficient solutions, Path Feel drew headlines around the world already during the start-up phase. That the entrepreneur behind Path Feel, Lise Pape, took on the project when her own father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s only makes the story even more meaningful.

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