Design solution
Production Year
Ourhub IVS
Design company
Ourhub IVS
Peter Just,
Michaela Vallachova

OurHub turns social objects, such as outdoor games, into conversation starters in the public space. The solution aims at turning our cities into more inclusive playful, and resilient cities.

The jury says
Can you squeeze a ball court, a trampoline or a sensory garden into a corner by a busy intersection or into an urban median strip? Sure! In recent years, the once deserted urban spaces in Scandinavia have made a comeback, luring the local residents out of their flats and resulting in improved health and quality of life. OurHub builds on the notion of recreational urban spaces with a high-tech cabinet that can be accessed with a smartphone, and which may contain things such as table tennis bats, chess or petanque equipment. A design solution that meets a need, realises sharing economy visions and promotes social interactions in the local community.

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