Design solution
Open Embassy
Winner of
Nominated In
Production Year
Embassy of Switzerland in Denmark
Design company
Mads Quistgaard,
Christian Pagh,
Benjamin Wernery,
Mads Sandholm,
Johanne Mortensen,
Laurent Rueff

The Open Embassy design and concept is an answer to the disruption of diplomacy. The traditional embassy is turned inside out to introduce openness, mobility and transparency – through new actions and interactions

The jury says
The pop-up embassy represents a new embassy concept and an attempt at initiating a new culture, where diplomats meet people where they are rather than hiding in guarded domiciles. The project is a social design in step with contemporary demands for transparency and could be seen as part of a larger shift away from an elitist, unapproachable, bureaucratic stance. The concept is innovative and bold and may serve as inspiration for other public agencies and offices aiming to connect with citizens.

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