Design solution
Mini Parkour
Production Year
Gonge Creative Learning
Design company
Nicolai Sørensen & Thomas Harrit

Mini Parkour is both a climbing frame and a balance trail. By combining the colorful obstacles in different ways, children can create their own challenge track. The shapes stimulate their desire to explore and experiment while being physically and mentally cultivated in a safe and fun setting.

The jury says
The mini-parkour solution offers a great user experience as it encourages kids to move around and play in a fun and healthy way, free of any technology. It’s exciting to see a kid’s product of high design quality that is more than just a big piece of foam but that allows them to create fun and challenging activities on their own. As much as kids learn and play online, they should not lose sight of doing it the analog way. This solution is undoubtedly an excellent alternative for kids to the digital world.

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