Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Production Year
Knud W. Jensen
Poul Erik Tøjner
Jørgen Bo,
Vilhelm Wohlert

Louisiana was founded in 1958 by Knud W. Jensen, who wished to create a museum with a soul, where the public could encounter artwork – not as something pretentious, but rather as something that spoke to them directly. A then ground-breaking vision of the museum as a friendly and democratic and musical meeting place ‘that is engaged in contemporary life’, Louisiana today boasts an international exhibition programme as well as a prestigious collection of modern art, one of the largest and certainly most important in Scandinavia.

The jury says:
With its amazing blend of art, architecture and nature, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is humanistic, unique and one of the most beloved museums in the world. Louisiana is truly iconic as a designed experience and space: No matter where in the world you go, it is almost hard to come across anyone who has not heard about the Danish museum.

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