Design solution
Winner of
Nominated In
Evershelter ApS
Jakob Christensen,
Claus Heding

Lifeshelter is a new approach to the issue of temporary housing of refugees in third-world countries. The simple design is based on 16 similar insulating curved panels. Lifeshelter provides better insulation, protection and privacy than typically used tent solutions and gives refugees a dignified home while they are waiting to return home.

The jury says
A laudable solution that adds durability and resilience to a temporary tent shelter in the shape of insulation and a simple construction system. The solution considers the life situation of people in displacement and restores dignity while contributing to a slightly more reasonable daily life for its occupants. The design is modular, making it adaptable to the size of the family and easy to pack up and bring along, should the volatility of life in displacement demand it.

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