Design solution
Leading the ISS Way
Production Year
ISS World Services A/S
Design company
Workz A/S
Svend Ask Larsen, Lars Vilhelmsen, Max Møller, Klaus Meier Olsen, Annette Bluhm Hovgaard, Nadja Nørgaard, Sofie Bangsgaard, Morten Jaeger, Ask Agger, Anders Skovgaard-Winther, Flemming Fog, Christian Lauritzen, Jane Henaughan, Chris Bulmer

“Leading the ISS Way” is a leadership academy that combines Scandinavian insights on learning and leadership with analogue & digital learning technologies.

The Jury says
Better leadership enhances both employee engagement and productivity. “Leading the ISS Way” creates the basis for better cooperation and is a reminder that treating employees well leads to a better workplace. The program is highly scalable and combines analogue and digital learning technologies. Having created the academy, the challenge to overcome now is to how to realise the idea in busy workplaces.

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