Design solution
Innogie Roofing System
Winner of
Nominated In
Production Year
Innogie ApS
Kristian Harley Hansen,
Stephan Olesen

Innogie roofing solution produces both heat and electricity from solar energy. Instead of the visible square silicon cells, soldering and heavy aluminium frames found on traditional solar installations, Innogie uses all-black frameless panels mounted on sheet metal casings that overlap like regular roofing shingles. The system can be integrated into both new-built and existing buildings.

The jury says
Innogie is a roof with Return On Investment. While ordinary roofs are a pure write-off, Innogie pays for itself over a brief span of years at a price per square metre that is only slightly higher than the price of similar ordinary roofs. Moreover, the roof is aesthetically pleasing and thus offers a new way to install energy roofs in contrast to previous models designed to be installed on top of an existing roof.

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