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i'MPERFECT X Loveramics X Oloiya
Design company
Jesper von Wieding,
David Ramskov,
Eddy Yu,
Hung Lam,
Joseph Foo,
Luke Teong,
Leong Kah Fai,
Wang Shaoqiang,
Cho Chong Gee

I’MPERFECT MUG are mugs with a little dot or scar on them, which instead of being routinely devalued and thrown away, are made into new unique pieces. Added graphics on each mug is applied according to the ‘defect’ of the mug, hence is different for every piece. The graphics underline the uniqueness of the cups and prevent them from being thrown away.

The jury says
I’MPERFECT is more than just a strong communicator. It carries a bigger message: An imperfection is what makes us all unique. And an imperfection on a product level does not mean it belongs in the trash. In a world with a great need for sustainability, the I’MPERFECT series prove that products we normally see as second rate should live on as something new, useful and less generic. To make imperfection a part of the design and storytelling is a powerful and charming idea that works across various platforms and even across product categories. I’MPERFECT has the potential to make a change in our overproducing world by inspiring and showing a new path for companies around the globe.

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