Design solution
Humanising the waiting list
Production Year
Holstebro Municipality
Design company
Hatch & Bloom
Anne Danielsen,
Nils Oskar Smed,
Lotte Lyngsted Jepsen

Based on behavioural design principles, Hatch & Bloom developed a new concept for the waiting list and redesigned the associated workflows. The basic idea was to humanise the waiting list by creating visual profiles for each citizen on the list and to apply gamification principles to motivate employees to cut down the waiting list. The result was a 78% reduction in only 6 weeks.

The jury says
Humanising the waiting list represents a beautiful shift in perspective in healthcare and demonstrates that new motivations and paths emerge when an anonymous number on the waiting list is expanded to include the human being behind the number. This approach is true to the iterative design process and convincingly combines the staff perspective with the patients’ needs. Many service design solutions in the healthcare field focus on the patients. Here, the focus is on the engine room in a simple and innovative approach that combines the patient perspective with insight into back-stage processes and has the potential for major improvements.

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