Design solution
Handmade Danish high-end kitchen knife set
Production Year
Ansø of Denmark
Design company
Ansø of Denmark
Jens Ansø

Completely hand-made, high-end kitchen knife series, where the blades come from Japan and the handles and sheaths are crafted in Denmark.

The Jury says
This feel-good product combines Danish and Japanese craft traditions in an elegant series of tools. 

The knives are safe and easy to hold, even for people with smaller hands.  The wooden handles are made from recycled oak and do not involve the cutting down of trees.  Aesthetically, the knives have a highly-finished appeal. Ergonomically, the knives feel very good, performing their function well and safely.  Clearly, they are designed to last for a long time and could even be handed down from generation to generation. With Njord, a tradition of manufacturing high-quality crafted cutlery is being re-established in Denmark.

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