Design solution
Production Year
TagTomat ApS
Product design
Mads Boserup Lauritsen, TagTomat
Roar Lerche, ArkiGrafi

A SeedBomb is a ball made of organic soil, clay and mixed flower seeds. The SeedBomb can be dropped somewhere in the city that has access to sun and rain or planted in a pot in a windowsill. The seed bombs come with a little manual for how you can make your own seed bombs.

The jury says
SeedBomb provides an easy-to-understand tool combined with great storytelling. The product itself attracts the eye, and each step unwrapping it gives a new experience. The product also carries the message about social empowerment in a not-yet-seen way. SeedBomb encourages us to get close to nature and is looking to empower us as local citizens. With SeedBomb we can create green commons in our neighbourhoods – even if we live in a small flat. The design supports that Do-It-Yourself idea beautifully with a design and a concept that are easy to understand and use.

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