Design solution
Ergonomic Circadian Rhythm Lighting
Production Year
Chromaviso A/S
Design company
Made by Makers

Ergonomic Circadian Rhythm Lighting is automatically controlled lighting that promotes the body’s natural circadian rhythm. The light is brightest in the middle of the day, and at night a specially developed night light comes on that ensures optimal lighting without interfering with the body’s natural clock. In addition to the circadian rhythm lighting, the concept includes ergonomic light settings for specific job tasks, activities and therapeutic purposes.

The jury says
Ergonomic Circadian Rhythm Lighting is a well-rounded design solution with an emphasis on functionality and quality that addresses an important working environment challenge in a demanding hospital setting. The product has a clear and well-functioning design and matches the requirements to a sterile environment. In a simple way, the product creates great value for the patients and offers a solution to a significant challenge for the working environment in hospitals.

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